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Halloween: Chicken-skin Stories

Ghost stories and hauntings from Hawaii and the Pacific

Haunting, Hawaii-style

Hawaiian Hoary BatYou've probably heard of Morgan's Corner. It's not the only scary place here though. Read about other haunted locations in Hawai‘i and the ghosts and enchanted creataures of the many cultures who have made the Islands their home.

Hawaii-Pacific Collection: 2nd floor, Diamond Head Wall
Loan period:  14 days

Hawaiian Hoary Bat

Hawaiian Legends

Look It Up

Get info about ghosts, demons, and witches from Asian and Pacific cultures, including Hawaiʻi, China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Local-kine Spooky Stories

Honolulu Magazine

Honolulu magazine reporter Christine Hitt wanted to find out the truth about Morgan's Corner. Is it really haunted? Read her report in "The Real Story Behind Honolulu’s Haunted Morgan’s Corner."

Have you heard about the ghosts at the Downtown Post Office and the State Capitol? Read about them and other haunted places in Downtown Honolulu in "5 Haunted Downtown Honolulu Hotspots" by Brittany Nitta-Lee.

Honolulu magazine, October 2015For more local-kine frights, see the October 2015 issue of Honolulu magazine, "Haunted Hawai‘i," on the 1st floor of the Library.

Request back issues of Honolulu at the Circulation Counter:  October 2008, October 1991. Spooky!

Glen Grant

Glen Grant was one of Hawai‘i's best known and most beloved storytellers. He collected ghost stories throughout Hawai‘i and led ghost tours.

More Hawai‘i Horror

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