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Cosmetology : Salon Project

Useful library and web resources for HonCC cosmetology students.

New books to help you with your project!

Starting a Salon

Hairstylists and Cometologists at a Glance

  • Use a variety of tools, from scissors to flat irons
  • Regularly interact with clients
  • Stand for long periods of time
  • Also apply makeup, give manicures, and groom facial and body hair
  • May work evenings and weekends
  • Training usually lasts nine to 24 months
  • Need a license
  • About 45 percent are self-employed
  • Earn $22,570 per year (national median)

DEFINITION: sole proprietorship

Sole proprietor business structure:

"One person operating a business as an individual. It is the most common form of business organization. Profits are taxed as income to the owner personally. The personal tax rate is usually lower than the corporate tax rate. The owner has complete control of the business, but faces unlimited liability for its debts. There is very little government regulation or reporting required with this business structure." 

For more information - Hawaii Small Business Resource Guide [pdf] 2020, 52p

Federal & State Government Resources

Wages: Hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists

Pay varies by the hairstylist's experience and the range of services they provide. The number of customers they attract and hold also affects wages. In addition, pay varies by how much customers tip. Some hairstylists and cosmetologists receive a portion of money from the products they sell. In some salons, employees are paid bonuses for bringing in new clients.

Some salons offer benefits for full-time employees. These may include sick leave, paid vacation, and health insurance. However, many hairstylists and cosmetologists are self-employed or work part time. These workers must provide their own insurance.

Location Pay Period 25% Median 75%
Hawaii (State)    


















United States










-- 2012 Career Kokua, Research and Statistics, Department of Labor & Industrial Relations, State of Hawaii

Green Book: Product Directory

The 2013 GREEN BOOK is the most comprehensive product directory for the salon, spa and wellness industries. This issue provides a "State of the Industry Report"...

  • Introduction
  • Sources
  • The Big Picture - A global snapshot of the industry today
  • Spotlight on Salons - How salons are surviving and thriving
  • Best Practices - The business side of beauty
  • The Spa Life - The present and future of American Spas

The Resource Directory includes these and more...

  • Appliances & Tools
  • Cosmetics
  • Equipment & Furnishings
  • Finishing
  • Haircolor
  • Salon & Spa Essentials
  • Brand Names
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributor State Listings

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