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Social Work & Human Services: Find Articles

Research assistance and library resources for students enrolled in the Human Services program. Social work related themes and issues covered.

Research Databases -- Find articles thru the library

Before you Google, try a library database!

MAGAZINE vs. JOURNAL -- What's the difference?

Its purpose is to inform or entertain Its aim is to report on scholarly research
Articles typically short in length Longer articles with in-depth analysis
Written by a reporter,
journalist, or staff writer
Written by a scholarly expert or specialist (credentials provided)
Articles are reviewed
by editorial staff
Articles are peer-reviewed &
critically evaluated by scholars
Little or no references are included as support Sources are always cited in a formal bibliography
Slick & attractive in appearance with advertisements & glossy photos Very structured format: abstract, methodology, literature review, results, conclusion. No frills.
Examples: Social Work Today, Psychology Today, National GeographicReaders Digest Examples: Social Service Review, New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard Business Review

Print Journals and Magazines

Print journal in the library...

  • Social Work Today - is a national newsmagazine committed to enhancing the entire social work profession by exploring its difficult issues, new challenges, and current successes.. [Current two issues are on display, previous issues held behind Circulation Counter]
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