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Polynesian Voyaging: Books at HonCC Library


Discover books, articles, films, and more about Polynesian Voyaging (voyages, people, astronomy, weather, navigation; etc. ) made available through the Honolulu Community College Library and other University of Hawaii System Libraries.

When searching in the library's resources and on the Internet, use some of these suggested keywords in the search box:

Start with:

Polynesian or Hawaiian navigation

Polynesian or Hawaiian wayfinding

Polynesian or Hawaiian migration

Polynesian or Hawaiian voyaging

Polynesian or Hawaiian astronomy

You can add keywords to the initial search:






You can also search for specific people or canoes/voyages:



Nainoa Thompson

Eddie Aikau

Scott Sullivan

Library Search

Image of Primo Search Box

Library Search
Discover Books, Articles, & More

Navigation, Astronomy, and Weather (Contemporary and Historical)

Polynesian Voyaging Society Crew Training Manual

Personal/Cultural Accounts

Canoes and Canoe Building


Voyaging Outside of Polynesian

Voyaging in the Pacific (non-Polynesian)

Other Hawai‘i Pacific Guides:

Background Image Information

Image Desciption: ''Three double hulled canoes with shoreline and mountains in background'', watercolor painting by Robert C. Barnfield, 1886, Iolani Palace Collection


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