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History 152 - World History II: Find Articles & Websites

This course guide for HIST152 will assist students in finding available library resources in print and online.


FIND ARTICLES (Research Databases)

Online researchBefore you Google, begin your research with the library's subscription databases. These databases will help you locate full text journal, magazine, and newspaper articles.

Print Journals and Magazines

  • American Heritage - Depicts US social, cultural, political, and military life past and present.
  • American History - This magazine explores the rich texture of the American experience through engaging writing and outstanding photography and artwork.
  • Current History - Provides a forum for leading scholars and specialists to analyze events and trends in every region of a rapidly changing world.
  • National Geographic - The official journal of the National Geographic Society. Publishes articles on human society and culture around the world, exotic and endangered animals, modern explorations and adventures.
  • Pacific Historical Review - For over 70 years, the Pacific Historical Review has accurately and adeptly covered the history of American expansion to the Pacific and beyond, as well as the post-frontier developments of the 20th-century American West. Note: The current print issue of Pacific Historical Review is on display in the library. Back issues are available by request from the Circulation Services Counter.

Honolulu Newspapers from 1929-Present

Directions for How to find Honolulu Newspaper Articles from 1929-Present

The Honolulu Advertiser and Honolulu Star-Bulletin are available through the library in two formats, online and in microfilm.

Full-text articles from the Star-Bulletin are available online from March 18, 1996-present. Full-text articles from the Advertiser are available online from November 30, 2002-present in the Library's Honolulu Newspapers database.  Any articles written prior to these dates can only be access through the library's microfilm collection.

To find articles in the microfilm there are two indices. The Hawaii Newspaper Index, an online index, has the index for articles from 1989 to the present.  The Index to the Honolulu Advertiser and Honolulu Star-Bulletin books are available in the library's Hawaii Pacific Reference Collection and index articles from 1929-1994.

The current newspaper, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, is only available online beginning from 2010 in the Honolulu Newspapers database.


General History Websites

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MAGAZINE vs. JOURNAL -- What's the difference?

Its purpose is to inform or entertain Its aim is to report on scholarly research
Articles typically short in length Longer articles with in-depth analysis
Written by a reporter,
journalist, or staff writer
Written by a scholarly expert or specialist (credentials provided)
Articles are reviewed
by editorial staff
Articles are peer-reviewed &
critically evaluated by scholars
Little or no references are included as support Sources are always cited in a formal bibliography
Slick & attractive in appearance with advertisements & glossy photos Very structured format: abstract, methodology, literature review, results, conclusion. No frills.
Examples: People, National Geographic, Reader's Digest Examples: Young Children, New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard Business Review
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