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History 296M - Asian American History (Matsumoto): Find Videos & Images

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Chinatown: Strangers in a Strange Land (Films on Demand Video)

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Video Summary:

Their ancestors came from one of the world’s most ancient civilizations. From a country rich in history and tradition, they journeyed across the globe to a new frontier rich in little but opportunity. Excluded from most of those opportunities by a dark wall of racial discrimination, they were forced to settle in stifling tenements that came to be called Chinatown. Yet they not only survived, but prospered, becoming one of the most successful immigrant groups in North America. This program presents a unique view of a unique place, taking viewers inside Chinatown to view the Chinese-American experience through the eyes of the people who live it every day. Distributed by A&E Television Networks. (94 minutes)


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Image Quest

Image Quest

 Primary Source Image from Image Quest

"Anti-Chinese riot in Denver, Colorado, reported in Frank Leslie's 'Illustrated Newspaper' on 20th November, 1880.'"

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