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English 100 (Pearl Harbor): Finding Articles


  • Use these databases to find newspaper, magazine, and journal articles. 
  • Watch the video to learn the difference between a journal and a magazine and why journals are important sources to use in college.
  • Read the description of each database to determine if it is relevant to your topic.
  • Most of these articles are not freely available on the Internet. 
  • All of the databases will provide you a citation for the article in MLA.
  • You will be prompted to log in with your UH username and password.
  • If you have any questions or trouble, please contact the Library,

Article Databases

Free Online Article Databases

  • While these have some free journal articles, they are very limited compared to the article databases that the library subscribes to.
  • You should be able to access these from the shipyard computer lab.

Academic Journal vs. Magazine Video

Video created by Kapiolani Community College

Academic Journal vs. Magazine



Aim is to report on scholarly research.

Purpose is to inform and/or entertain.

Mainly written for scholars or researchers. Its vocabulary is specific to the discipline.

Written for a broad general audience with simple (non-technical) language.

Longer articles with in-depth analysis.

Typically very short in length.

Written by a scholar, expert, or specialist (credentials provided).

Written by a reporter, journalist, or staff writer.

Articles are peer-reviewed & critically evaluated by other scholars.

Editors on staff review the articles.

Sources are always cited in a formal bibliography or footnotes.

Usually does not included a bibliography or works cited page. Sometimes reports or references are mentioned within the text.

Very structured format: abstract, methodology, literature review, results, conclusion (No frills).

May include: charts, graphs, statistics, or photos. Little or no advertising.

No specific format. Slick and attractive. Lots of colorful advertisements and glossy photos.

Search Tips

  • DO NOT type sentences into search boxes.  Use words or phrases (see examples below)
  • AND, OR, NOT: use to narrow or broaden your search
    • cyber bullying AND suicide (results have all words - narrow)

    • natural disasters NOT hurricanes (results exclude word after NOT - narrow)

    • polar bears OR grizzly bears (results have either concept - broaden)

  • (*): use to broaden your search or find similar forms of words
    • Hawaii* = Hawaii, Hawaiian, Hawaiians
  • “”: use to search for phrases or words you want to appear together in your results
    • “black death” or “global warming”
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