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English 100 (Pearl Harbor): Finding Websites


  • The Internet is a great source for finding information, if you use a credible website.
  • Watch the video about finding credible sources on the Internet.
  • Before you use the information you find online, you need to do the CRAAP test to determine if the informaiton you are looking at is credible.  Start with Authority and Accuracy when you evaluate a website.  If there is no Authority or Accuracy, DO NOT use the website.
  • You are responsible for creating your own MLA citation if you use a source from the Internet.  Use the MLA guide on the last tab of this website to help you.
  • You should always start with the library's resources to find information, then use the Internet to supplement what you can't find through the library.

Building Better Google Searches

  • site:gov - Include this with keyword(s) to find results from government agencies (local, state, federal)

Example Search: pearl harbor site:gov

  • site:org - Include this with keywords to find results from organizations.

Example Search: welders site:org

  • site:edu - Include this with keywords to find results from educational institutions.

Example Search: military hawaii site:edu

Finding Credible Sources using the CRAAP Test

Video created by the Johnson & Wales University


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