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A Guide to Library Research

Step-by-step guide with tutorials on the basics of research. Learn about library and online resources.

Types of Periodicals

Articles are published in periodicals. Periodicals are any source that is published on a regular basis such as a daily newspaper, a weekly or monthly magazine, or a monthly academic journal.

There are four main types of periodicals available through the HonCC Library:

Icon representing a peer-reviewed journal     Scholarly, Peer-review, Academic, or Research Journals

magazine icon     Trade, Professional, and Industry Journals

magazine icon     Commentary/Opinion and Popular Magazines

newspaper icon    Newspapers


Icon representing a peer-reviewed journal Scholarly, Peer-review, Academic, or Research Journals

Content: Peer-reviewed* scholarly/research articles that share primary research that is conducted using a research method. Also includes non-peer-reviewed content such as book reviews, opinion/editorial pieces, or other articles not sharing research.

Authors: Written by scholars, researchers, experts, specialists, professionals in the field, scientists, professors, or PhD students.

Audience: Written for scholars in the same field.

Sources/Citations: Numerous citations/references from scholarly publications and others types of supporting resources.

Images/Graphics: Limited to no images, unless demonstrating the research. Charts and graphs used to detail findings and results.

Language: Lingo, or terminology, related to the field.

Examples: Science, The Future of Children, JAMA, Pacific Science, Journal of American Culture, Criminology


*Peer-review: Before publication, the articles are reviewed by other scholars in the same field and deemed worthy of being published, meaning that the research was well-done and the results of the research add to the body of work that has come before from other research.

Where to find scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles in the library's databases:

magazine icon Consumer, Commentary/Opinion, or Popular Magazines

Content: Short articles, interviews, or speeches focused on current events, social and political issues, pop culture, and a variety of special interest like sports, fashion, news, art, parenting, health, cooking, science, history, etc.

Authors: Staff and free-lance writers who are not necessarily experts on the topics they are writing about.

Audience: Written for a general audience.

Sources/Citations: Some in-text citations, but typically no or few citations.

Images/Graphics: Colorful images related to articles, as well as advertisements for products and services.

Language: Written at a lower reading-level for a broad audience, but sometimes limited jargon related to a field.

Examples: Surfer, Newsweek, Time, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated

Cover of Surfer (magazine)   Cover image of Newsweek (magazine)   Cover of Time (magazine)    Cover of Vogue (magazine)   Cover image of Rolling Stone (magazine)   Cover image of Sports Illustrated (magazine)

Where to find magazine articles in the library's databases:

magazine icon Trade, Professional, and Industry Journals

Content: Practical information in short articles on news, trends, new products, the current industry, product and company info, statistics, forecasts, and interviews related to various trades or industries (fashion, cosmetology, carpentry, welding, firefighting, law enforcement, architecture, etc.).

Authors: Professionals, practitioners, or experts in the field.

Audience: Written for professionals working in the field.

Sources/Citations: Sometimes in-text citations or bibliographies are included.

Images/Graphics: Colorful images, charts, tables, or graphs related to articles, as well as advertisements for products and services related to the field.

Language: Straight-forward language with some jargon or lingo of the field.

Examples: Architectural Record, Police Chief, Wood Workers Journal, Welding Journal, Fire Engineering, Electronic Musician

Cover image of Architectural Record   Cover image of Police Chief   Cover image of Wood Workers Journal    Cover image of Welding Journal   Cover image of Fire Engineering   Cover image of Electronic Musician

Where to find trade magazine articles in the library's databases:

magazine icon Local, National, and Global Newspapers

Content: Short articles, feature articles, and opinion pieces on news, current events, social and political issues, business news, pop culture news, sports news, etc. May also contain obituaries, advertisements, weather, reader's opinions, business info, classified ads, entertainment (crosswords, comic strips, horoscopes).

Authors: Journalists, staff writers, and free-lance journalists/writers.

Audience: Written for a general audience.

Sources/Citations: Complete citations are rare, but there are sometimes partial citations in-text.

Images/Graphics: Black and white or color images like photographs, drawings, comic strips, advertisements, charts, graphs, etc.

Language: Written at a lower reading-level for a broad audience.

Examples: Honolulu Star Advertiser, New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, The Daily Telegraph, Asia Times

      Logo for New York Times (newspaper)   Logo for the Daily Telegraph     Logo for the LA Times     Logo for Asia Times     Logo for Honolulu Star Bulletin (newspaper)     Logo for the Washington Post
Note: Most newspaper provide online access to their articles. Some newspapers provide free access while others are by paid subscription only or limited access to free articles without a paid subscription.

Where to find newspaper articles in the library's databases:

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