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A Guide to Library Research

Step-by-step guide with tutorials on the basics of research. Learn about library and online resources.

Navigating the Internet

                            The library's research databases are available 24/7 and provide access to articles (magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals...), ebooks, streaming videos, images, and much more. The library also has a large selection of physical books, magazines, newspapers, and DVDs that are available in person. 

The Internet, accessible through search engines like Google or Bing, indexes websites. Websites can be created by individuals, organizations, associations, or institutions. Examples of online news organizations are CNN, Fox, or NPR. Website domain names (examples include -- .com, .gov, .edu, .org) help identify the network hosting the information. Websites can vary greatly in scope; consider the following:,,,,

While there are interesting and relevant sources available on the web, not all information is free. The library covers subscription costs for you, so you don’t have to pay for access when using our research databases.

Review the differences between library and Internet sources below:

Library sources vs. Internet sources Venn by Kara Canite & Sarah Myhre

Determining Credibility of Internet Sources (5:12)

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Building Better Google Searches

There are step that you can take to build better Google searchers. Here are some tips.

To find information from only GOVERNMENT websites, include "site:gov" along with your keywords in the Google search box.

obesity statistics site:gov


To find information from only ORGANIZATIONS, include "site:org" along with your keywords in the Google search box.

distracted driving site:org


To find information from only EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS, include "site:edu" along with your keywords in the Google search box.

student cheating college site:edu
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