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A Guide to Library Research

Step-by-step guide with tutorials on the basics of research. Learn about library and online resources.

Different Sources for Different Purposes

                            Now that you have your topic and some keywords, it's time to start looking for credible information. There is a vast amount of information available through the library and the Internet. Sometimes your instructor tells you exactly what type of source to find and other times you need to figure it out on your own. In this section, you will learn about the different types of sources (books, articles, films, images, websites) and how to determine if they are reliable, trustworthy, and useful.

The various types of resources provide different information with varying levels of credibility. Using a newspaper article to share the most current information about an event, such as COVID-19, is different from using a book to provide information about the history of pandemics, or a social media post from someone personally touched by the pandemic. These sources capture information differently and therefore will be used differently in your project. You will need to determine which source of information best fits your needs and the requirements of your assignment.


Popular and Scholarly Sources Video from the Oregon School Library Information System (5:49)

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